The Disgraced Dr – Liam Fox

What short memories we have! Dr Liam Fox, in his role as Secretary of State for International Trade is currently in Washington negotiating a trade deal between the UK and the USA – except that would be breaking the law because we can’t negotiate trade deals while we are still in the EU. So he is ‘exploring’ possible trade deals that might include allowing chlorine washed chicken, genetically modified crops and beef laced with antibiotics and steroids into the UK.

The Disgraced Dr Liam Fox
The Disgraced Dr Liam Fox

However, that’s for a different article on another day. What none of us should forget is that:

– in 2011 Liam Fox resigned in disgrace from his post as Defence Secretary, and

– in the 2009 expenses scandal he was the Shadow Cabinet Minister found to have the largest over-claim on expenses.

He was forced to resign as Defence Secretary because he gave his mate, the lobbyist Alan Werritty unfettered access to the Ministry of Defence and allowed him to join official overseas trips, despite having no official post and no security clearance.

“The disclosure outside the MoD of details about future visits overseas posed a degree of security risk not only to Dr Fox, but also to the accompanying official party.”

In the expenses scandal he had to repay more expenses that he wasn’t entitled to than any other Shadow Cabinet Minister.

It is disgusting that he is now all over our television screens representing us on the international stage as if nothing ever happened.

What short memories!

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  1. Hmm, Trump and Fox together, I’m sure what’s best for the people can’t help but emerge from a meeting of such selfless characters.

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